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I have had cause recently to contact your company in order to assist my parents with a problem they have been having over an insurance claim and one of your products. I currently live and work in the Caribbean island of Antigue and have had to try and assist my parents with their problem from here.

I emailed your company some time ago and received a very quick response from Shaun Whitty, one of your customer service representatives.

I asked Shaun for the email address of his Manager as I felt compelled to write and let you know how incredibly helpful Shaun has been. Whilst this issue was not related to your product but in the way in which they had been installed. Shaun has gone above and beyond the call of duty to provide assistance and advice nethertheless.

Following my initial communications he has telephoned my parents on a number of occasions and has always followed that up with an email to me to keep me in the loop. I have to say that without a doubt I have never come across such an excellent level of service. This young man is an absolute credit and a huge asset to your company and as such he should be highly commended accordingly.

I would not be lying is I said that if it was not for his assistance and intervention we doul not have moved towards a resolve as quickly as we have.
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To all at Westco,
Thanks, thanks and thanks again.
Thank you so much to your friendly staff firstly – they were so helpful when I called in with my crazy questions and requests. They explained so clearly, how you are a distributor, rather than a shop and could have sent me quietly packing there and then – but no….

They had time to listen, explain then were more than helpful in showing an interest in my intended use – checking there and then, for any bits and bobs and open packages that may be of use to Arts Centre Cardiff.

They were so very interested in their own products and uses, sending me away, with a box full of treasures, a super smile and lots of useful information about your changes of use of cork, just this last decade or two – info I was to pass onto the children, along with thoughts and questions for both themselves and the teachers to take back. We did an Aboriginal workshop, producing bark paintings on the cork tiles for 26 pupils and two staff.

Thanks, and thanks again
Llanover Hall, Cardiff Arts Centre

I am writing to bring your attention to the excellent customer service that I received from Westco.

I have had some very negative experiences of customer service in the past, some from multinational companies and it does seem that good customer service is almost becoming a thing of the past, so I wanted to take this opportunity to bring this positive experience from your customer service team and hope that you will pass my thanks to them.

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